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As a certified nurse coach, my goal is to provide health education, inspiration, and support to individuals. I strive to make every session focused, individualized, and placing a large emphasis on customized actionable content. Are you ready to make a change in your diabetes management? Call to book a 1:1 session today.

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Crystal was a great nurse coach to work with.  With her background in health education she really listened to what was going on for me as well as helped me learn about myself through thoughtful and insightful questions.  Crystal provided a warm, caring and calm environment that allowed me to feel comfortable being open and really look at the areas of my life where change was both needed and possible.  In just five sessions I was inspired to make many great changes that would have lasting effect and lead to better health and wellness.  Thank you Crystal!

Ashley R., RN

I really felt the safety and comfort of discussing our nurse coaching program, and such a safe spot to practice mindfulness. I had practiced some mindfulness in the past but the last few months it has been such a positive thing in my life, and being able to talk to Crystal and practice our meditations was so helpful. I really valued the opportunity to connect with you in so many ways- from the course, to career, to commonalities.  I found you very easy to connect with and really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a coach with a very calm, compassionate approach.  I always felt at such ease working with you and think pretty much anyone could benefit from that!

Kathy B., RN

When I started with Crystal for my wellness journey, I was feeling overwhelmed with the dynamics of my busy life. I am a full-time student, part-time employee, wife, and active member for couple professional organizations. Learning about my personality and how my habits influence my life has been the most rewarding piece of this journey. Crystal helped me restructure my schedule to identify how to find time for things that give me joy and positively affect my overall wellness. I would recommend this to someone looking to reset their life with the right tools. Crystal has a talent to be a good listener while helping you redirect focus on what matters most in your life. She helps identify your purpose and joy in life!

Liz M., RN

Prior to working with Crystal, I had just began my weight loss journey supplemented by mental health support. However, I wanted to focus more deeply on my sleep patterns and meal planning. Crystal is a bank of nursing care, scientific research, holistic behaviors, and resource tools. Taking the journey with her helped me identify my little stumbling blocks I could not see and incorporate some practices that help push me to my next set of weight loss goals. For example, she had me track my sleep schedule and how restful it was. From there we were able to note behaviors that I needed to change like pushing my bedtime to a little later and  meditating before bed versus reading from my Kindle. I have very restful, peaceful sleep now so long as I do these activities. I recommend Cyrstal to anyone who would like to dive a bit deeper into their daily needs to meet health goals. I consider her a part of my wraparound health support services: medical, mental health, exercise, food, and health coaching. I had no idea I needed her service as part of my health goals. Now I refer to her emails regularly despite our sessions being complete and reach out to her with questions I can not resolve myself.

Che A.

When I started working with Crystal, I had just made the decision to invest in self-care by exercising more regularly, eating better and prioritizing my mental health. I was struggling with my 9-year-old daughter and my twin boys were 1.5 years old. I workfull time as a nurse and my sister had just went into premature labor delivering my nephew at 28 week and I was feeling overwhelmed and not in a good head space. Working with Crystal first, gave me the permission I didn’t know I needed to feel confident that choosing myself was the right decision. Crystal helped me to slow down and see things individually and not as one massive issue. Doing so, allowed me to see things more clearly and be able to identify what areas needed work and which areas I had improved in/were going well. I tend to focus on the negative and not give myself credit for things that are going well, and Crystal helped me with that which helped with my self-esteem. Also, starting the sessions with a guided mediation was helpful in setting a positive and calm energy. I would recommend it to anyone who feels motivated to change, are new into changing a lifestyle or just feel stuck. I think anyone would benefit from working with Crystal.

Shanda W., RN

Before I started having health coaching sessions with Crystal, I was (and am) trying to figure out how to balance an active life with an anxiety disorder and the physical implications of that. I previously did not have healthy eating or exercise habits and did not know where to begin to start forming those. My sessions with Crystal have helped me create a starting point to build on in my journey to becoming healthy holistically. I liked that Crystal gave me realistic goals to accomplish and helped me to focus on one thing at at time. I tend to want to eat an entire elephant in one bite and then feel terrible about myself when I can’t do that, so her encouragement in helping me choose things I could actually accomplish really helped. I would recommend Crystal’s coaching to anyone who is looking to create a long-term, more healthy lifestyle.

Anastasia S.

I really felt the safety and comfort of discussing our nurse coaching program, and such a safe spot to practice mindfulness. I appreciated being able to organize my goals and create a realistic plan succeed. I liked how you were open and flexible you were. You helped me to process difficult feelings but also kept me on task. I was able to set realistic measure bale and attainable goals and my life felt more in order. Setting realistic goals is better than constantly trying to meet my overly high expectations and then not being able to set any goals at all. I'd recommend Crystal to anyone who wants a kind, supportive and honest coach to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Keshia L., RN

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